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The river seems to have derived its name from Ganga and Venu, a king mentioned in the Puranas, or more probably the king Ben or Bele. He ruled from Singorgarh fort in Damoh.

It is the most important river of the District. It rises from the hill (21 55N; 79 34E) above Pratabpur in Seoni. Its early course is circuitous which finally, takes a southerly direction and forms the common boundary of Seoni and Balaghat from Padriganj to Gurera rock, a distance of 32 km., its bed is more or less rocky and uneven. Beyond this it enters the western plain of the District. The Tahsil boundary between Balaghat and Wara-Seoni is marked by this river.

The river flows past the District town and crosses the southem boundary at Borinda.

The length of the river in the District is 98 km. and the average width about 250 meters. The bed is generally a wide stretch of sand in the plains but rocks come up at places. The Wainganga, after joining the Wardha and the Penganga is known as the Pranhita which tributes the Godawari.

Sankar Ghat

This is situated on the Wainganga stand. This is a historical temple of this river, the delegation says that Sadhu's stayed here at the time of god Ram.

Bajarang Ghat

Its situated on Wainganga strand. This is a historical temple of this river, basically this the hanuman Mandir.

This Mandir location is very fabulous.

Shah Kalander Mazar

This mazar is also situated at near Wainganga. This is situated in interiors of the area.

Jai Stambh

Jai stambh situated at civil line area. SP and collector offices are near from it.

KaliPutali Chauk

Kaliputali chauk which is situated near at the Balaghat Nagar Palika and Bus Stand its color has black.

Ambedkar Chauk
Ancient Museum
This is very old museum of the Balaghat. The name of this museum Pt. Deendyal Museum.
Nagar Palika Shishu Udhyan
Shishu Udhyan handled and managed by the Nagar Palika.

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